EcoBunny Adventure Club



by Chrissy Hamilton, illustrated by Alina Stepanyan

Welcome to the first thrilling journey of the EcoBunny Adventure Club!
Join EcoBunny and friends by taking on exciting challenges to help our planet, where YOU get to make the choices! YOU and this dynamic group of animal-loving pals explore ways to care for the Earth; showing all young readers that our actions can create positive change. Seven unique adventures that YOU get to choose the outcome!
Let’s empower, captivate, educate and spark a passion for stewardship in the hearts of children and provide a chance to see how wonderful our Earth can be when we work together. Make Every Day Earth Day isn’t just a story – it’s a call to action. It’s a reminder that even the smallest hands can make a big difference in the world.
So are you ready to explore, learn, and help EcoBunny Make Every Day Earth Day? Let’s hop to it and discover how your choices can lead to a happier, healthier planet!

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